SaaS Products

We offer the following software as a service:


Low-code platform Ninox

Ninox: The efficient low-code platform from Germany

Ninox is the platform of choice for the fast and cost-effective development of software applications, from simply replacing Excel to extensive applications with role and rights management.

Ninox is available in different versions for various operating environments and with a variety of functions. Ninox can be used with common browsers, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Depending on your security requirements, you can run Ninox in the public cloud, in a dedicated private cloud or on-premise, i.e. on your own (cloud) server.

Criteria such as required database size, backup frequency, role management, single sign-on, email functions and scope of support will show which package is right for you - Starter, Professional or Enterprise. You can buy Ninox licences directly from parcs. We’ll be happy to provide a quote for Enterprise licences.

We are not only providers of the platform, but are also experts in building applications with Ninox - we’ll help you to implement your projects. Find out more about our consulting services for Ninox here


Real-time platform VANTIQ

Are you ready for real-time applications? We’ll get you sorted.

VANTIQ'S high-performance software platform offers you entirely novel possibilities for developing event-driven, real-time business applications. What you get: High availability, efficient human-machine collaboration, low programming effort, security and scalability

As a sales partner in D/A/CH, we are happy to offer you this tremendously powerful and versatile platform and help you get started with digitalisation 2.0

Talk to us to find out more about VANTIQ licence options and our consulting offer, VANTIQ Modelo and VANTIQ Pronto.

Enterprise Climate Monitoring


You have a feeling that productivity and employee engagement in your organisation could be higher?

We’ll help you find out. ECMon®, the Enterprise Climate Monitor, is a simple and efficient tool to take your company’s temperature.

The work climate is diagnosed through a quick, anonymous survey. The result will show you in which climate zone each individual department is. Is it rather frosty and unproductive or warm and thriving? A colour-coded "climate map" and a "climate index" will make it crystal clear which areas are doing fine and which need your attention to boost morale.