We offer the following solutions:


More digitization for network expansion

Practical project management for the network expansion industry: Efficient data collection, data management and data reports for the order & infrastructure data in one solution

The app is based on you and your projects, not the other way around. Specific customizations are implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to low-code approach.

Transparent and affordable licensing model
on an annual per-user basis

Uncomplicated availability:
FTTX/Bau is optimized for browser and tablet use

Industry strong:
FTTX/Bauis specifically designed for network expansion companies and can be extended for network operators

Enterprise Climate Monitoring


You have a feeling that productivity and employee engagement in your organisation could be higher?

We’ll help you find out. ECMon®, the Enterprise Climate Monitor, is a simple and efficient tool to take your company’s temperature.

The work climate is diagnosed through a quick, anonymous survey. The result will show you in which climate zone each individual department is. Is it rather frosty and unproductive or warm and thriving? A colour-coded "climate map" and a "climate index" will make it crystal clear which areas are doing fine and which need your attention to boost morale.