Real-time development platform VANTIQ

The platform for digitization 2.0

Agile real-time processes

Are you ready for future challenges?

Vantiq's high-performance software platform offers you entirely novel possibilities for the development of event-driven, real-time applications.

What you get: High availability, efficient human-machine collaboration, low programming effort, security and scalability.

Use Cases

One platform, 1000 possibilities

Yes, it can! Vantiq is an industry-independent platform that gives you utmost flexibility.
Typical use cases for real-time applications include dynamic customer service, fieldservice management, smart buildings, security and compliance, fleet management, supply chain management, environmental monitoring, industry 4.0, real-time marketing, and fraud prevention.

And what’s the issue you need to solve?

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Your benefits

VANTIQ -The platform for digitalisation 2.0

Business-driven: With many standard solutions, you have to adapt your processes to the software. With VANTIQ it's the other way round: the application maps your organisation exactly as it is, exactly as you need it!
Thanks to excellent usability, your employees will love and accept Vantiq-based applications from day one!
Distributed architecture:
VANTIQ connects a secure, stable backend in the cloud with mobile and edge devices.
Integration: Current and future systems are intelligently connected, allowing you to keep using legacy systems as long as you need them.
Low-code, low DevOps:
create, roll out and dynamically adapt applications in next to no time.

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Your fast track to digitization!

With VANTIQ, we offer a platform for agile real-time business systems. As a sales partner in D/A/CH, we provide you with the platform and all its possibilities and help you get started quickly with digitalization 2.0.

Contact us if you would like to purchase licenses or learn more about our offer, VANTIQ Modelo and VANTIQ Pronto.