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IT experts for your projects

External expertise for your company

For a variety of reasons, it often makes sense to get external experts with special know-how on board to help out with complex IT projects.  

Our know-how in various industries and our extensive network enable us to track down those candidates who have all relevant skills to support your projects successfully. By working closely with you, we will get a good understanding of your company’s requirements – and thus provide you with the IT experts who are the best match for your team and your project.

IT projects for freelancers

Personal contact and professional matching of projects

Are you currently looking for exciting projects that require exactly your skills? Our team will find new IT challenges for you that match your interests and expectations. We focus on long-term, reliable cooperation, personal contacts and absolute confidentiality. The clear advantage: We help you to avoid idle times and make your acquisition more efficient.  

Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Active Sourcing

Reach out to attract employees to your company

Is your company prepared for the challenges of digitalisation? The shortage of skilled labour is becoming noticeable across all industries – highly qualified IT experts are particularly difficult to find. Therefore, vital positions remain vacant in many companies, resulting in a backlog of work, unattended customer enquiries and increasing pressure on current employees.  

With their expertise, people savvy and perseverance, our experienced IT recruiters will find the candidates who match your requirements.

Enterprise Climate Monitoring

You want to take your company’s pulse and make sure that the work climate is what it should be? You feel that the productivity and commitment of your employees could be improved?

ECMon, the Enterprise Climate Monitor, is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to check the working atmosphere in your company. The work climate is measured through a concise and fully anonymous survey. The result will show you in which climate zone each department is located. Is it frosty and unproductive, or is it sunny and dynamic?

The result is displayed in two formats: The so-called “climate map” is a visual representation – it’s an intuitive, colour-coded heat map. The “climate index” shows the results as a concrete number.  

The Enterprise Climate Monitor is a technical solution to support your HR management. It needs to be aligned with and followed up by internal measures along your normal HR communication lines: keep up the good spirit or, if necessary, take corrective measures.