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Siegen, 10.11.2023

Ninox-Webinar on FTTX/Bau

Planning and project management of fiber optic networks

Immerse yourself in the world of cloud-based project management with our webinar "Planning and project management of fiber optic networks - your connection to the future". As part of the webinar series from our platform partner Ninox, we will be presenting a standard solution that is specially tailored to the requirements of FTTX projects at network level 3:

  • Individual project views to maximize efficiency and coordination
  • Mapping the network infrastructure for better project documentation and overview
  • Complete project documentation with images and measurement logs
  • Overview of all project phases, from the awarding of contracts by telecommunications providers to the cabling of access points, NVTs and house connections

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 14:00 (CET)
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Siegen, 1.8.2023

FTTX/BAU - The solution for fiber rollout at network level 3

parcs launches FTTX/BAU - the adaptable solution for fiber optic network expansion

With FTTX/BAU we now offer our first solution in the area of fiber optic expansion - developed from the cooperation with a well-known construction company for fiber optic networks. FTTX/BAU enables efficient project management and the administration of order data and linked network infrastructure data (main cables, joints, NVTs, VzK associations, NVT equipment, house connections). Documents and images can be stored directly with the network elements, even mobile on site. This facilitates the management of the project progress and all necessary documents such as measurement protocols, images and blow-in protocols.

Data management forms the basis for comprehensive project monitoring and overviews of the processing status of projects, the NVT assembly plan (with color coding of the tube ends), and the call orders of a blanket order. Roles & rights ensure that each employee only uses what he or she needs. And with the integrated import and export, you ensure that your client is always up to date as well.

FTTX/BAU is thus an all-round solution for network level 3 in fiber optic construction. Developed from practical experience and flexibly adaptable and expandable - as we have implemented this solution based on the low-code platform Ninox.

And what does the use of FTTX/BAU lead to? - "Our employees can view and document all process steps in the construction of fiber optic networks from anywhere. This means we have an overview of the status of our projects at all times and are optimally equipped to provide information to those involved. For us, this is a huge step forward in terms of digitization." - says Ludger Steffens, Managing Director of STN Sogetrel Telecom Networks GmbH, about the use of FTTX/BAU.

Siegen/Ziegenhain 17.6.2023

Success story: paperless spindle production at WMZ

parcs digitizes the assembly and maintenance of complex motor spindles based on low code

In the last 2 years we have successfully implemented numerous projects based on the low-code platform Ninox. One of these projects is a comprehensive individual solution for a leading special machine building company - Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain GmbH (WMZ), a subsidiary of DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

The motor spindles from WMZ are the heart of the CNC machines of the group of companies. parcs has developed a comprehensive solution on behalf of and in close cooperation with WMZ, which supports the configuration and assembly of complex motor spindles. Also maintenance protocols in the context of findings can be recorded and processed. The application is now available to more than 20 assemblers on tablets to directly document and overview work steps and test results. The extensive calculation logic of the digital logging and analysis tool is based on 25 years of analog data in spindle construction.

Through the digital project for paperless spindle production, WMZ was able to significantly optimize both the production of its motor spindles, the processes in the area of maintenance and repair, its customer service and its CO₂ footprint with the help of parcs, and thus develop a clear argumentative advantage over the competition.

Dr. Udo Tüllmann, Managing Director of WMZ: "With our strong partner parcs, we have transformed our ambitious project into a robust, cloud-based IT solution in a very short time, which will sustainably increase our quality, efficiency and service. We will continue this approach for further product groups to support our customers in the best possible way."

Johannes Schmitz-Lenders, managing partner of parcs IT-Consulting, sees great potential for similar solutions in mechanical engineering and other manufacturing companies that require cost-effective individual solutions and adds: "The combination of WMZ's expertise as a spindle manufacturer and our experience in the field of complex software systems has produced a custom-fit and modern solution here. The use of the low-code platform Ninox has significantly reduced development risks and costs."

Read more about this project on the DVS Corporate Blog: DVS NOW

Siegen, June 1, 2022

Webinar: The Citizen Developer - myth or reality?

On 7 June 2022, a webinar on low-code will take place in the GFFT Insights series.

What exactly is low-code? Low-code platforms, mostly cloud-based today, are rapidly gaining ground, promising savings and shorter, lower-risk development cycles for software development as well as lower operating costs.

But is this true in practice? How far will a "citizen developer" - i.e. an end user who develops software solutions himself - get in implementing low-code applications? Or do low-code platforms mostly increase the efficiency of expert software architects and developers? And what about the quality of low-code solutions?"How low-code is low-code in practice?
And does the "citizen ceveloper" really exist?" - this is the talk by our Managing Director Johannes Schmitz-Lenders.

Jonas Berger from our customer messtex will share his practical experience with a low-code solution. Patrick Philipp (Bytefabrik.AI) will report on how and why his start-up uses low-code platforms and whether the expectations placed in them are fulfilled. Dr. Sven Hinrichsen will present a research project on low-code programming.

You can register for the webinar by sending an email to

Siegen, March 31, 2022

New Partnership:
Kutzner Prozessoptimierung
and parcs

parcs IT-Consulting and Kutzner Prozessoptimierung are joining forces to advance digitalisation in logistics in the DACH region.

The logistics sector often needs customised software solutions due to a wide range of tasks. However, existing solutions are often not state-of-the-artor do not support business processes in the best possible manner. With low-code applications supported by parcs and Kutzner, logistics companies can now get up to speed – quickly and cost-efficiently. 

Together, parcs and Kutzner have over 45 years of cumulative experience and competence in the development of individual IT solutions - a sound basis for successfully implementing digitalisation. Kutzner has particular strengths in logistics by road, rail and water, and we at parcs have extensive experience in air freight. Thanks to our expertise in developing customised software with low-code platforms such as Ninox, parcs and Kutzner can now provide tailored solutions even faster than before. 

"These synergy effects will give our customers the necessary edge in their respective markets and allow them to better manage their processes," says Johannes Schmitz-Lenders, one of the founders and managing directors of parcs IT-Consulting. 

Christian Kutzner, owner of Kutzner Prozessoptimierung, is also looking forward to the cooperation: "We are sure that the low-code approach will convince many companies just as it has convinced us at Kutzner and parcs. The cost and time savings of low-code development are simply unbeatable.

Siegen, November 1, 2021

parcs is Ninox premium partner

We are pleased about our new strategic partnership

As a Ninox premium partner, we support you in digitizing your processes with Ninox. We create a solution that fully meets to your individual needs and requirements and that is easily expandable.
Thanks to our competence and practical experience in implementing solutions on the Ninox platform for small and large companies, we have just been made premium partner.

Siegen, March 1, 2020

German Startup Cup Organizational Intelligence

We support the German Start Up Cup with a real-time voting app

10 x 7 minutes of startup pitch power! The third and last semi-final of the GFFT’s German Startup Cup will take place in Frankfurt/Main on 5 March 2020. Promising young companies will present their ideas and solutions for "Organizational Intelligence". We look forward to smart pitches from Humbee solutions GmbH, Scoutbee, Kauz GmbH, BlockAxs GmbH, zeroG, Inspirient GmbH, Statice, Xapix and SUSI & James GmbH. With the parcs real-time voting app, the audience will decide who gets to take part in the finals on 14 May in Wiesbaden. Best of luck to all participants! 

Siegen, February 5, 2020

German Startup Cup
Logistics Semi-Final

We support the German Start Up Cup with a real-time voting app

With fresh ideas for the logistics industry, the GFFT’s second semi-final of the German Startup Cup will take place in Bremen next week on 20 February. We look forward to exciting pitches from next intralogistics, Theftex, SYNAOS, JITpay, MotionMiners, Impargo, Synfioo, Marvest, Tracks, doks. innovation and Heyjobs.
Will you join us in Bremen? With our voting app based on Vantiq, you can vote in realtime who gets to go to the final on 14 May in Wiesbaden - every vote counts!

Siegen, February 6, 2020

GFFT Workshop
“Customer Journey”

Agile process development and integration for a smooth Customer Journey

On 6 February 2020, we will be at the GFFT "Customer Journey "workshop in Essen, Germany. The workshop will be hosted by Christine Grabmair, Head of Digital Attacker at E.ON Digital Technology. Our Managing Director Johannes Schmitz-Lenders will report on the prospects of event-driven real-time applications. We look forward to an exciting exchange with all participants!

Siegen, January 3, 2020

German Startup Cup
IT Security Semi-Final

We support the German Start Up Cup with a real-time voting app

On 16 January 2020, 16 IT security startups will pitch their business case at the at the semi-final of the German Startup Cup IT Security of the GFFT in Frankfurt, hoping for a ticket to the finals later that year. We are looking forward to the innovative products of Carmasec, Crashtest Security, comcrypto, pro4bizz, Enginsight, LUCY, asvin, Hanko, Goriscon, ZecOps, QuoScient, Red Sift, NVISO, Sepio, Vereign and CodeShield. Be there too and vote on the best business ideas in real time. The real-time voting app was developed by parcs with Vantiq, the platform for event-driven real-time applications.

Siegen, October 1, 2019

Vantiq Global Partner Summit

We will be joining the Vantiq Global Partner Summit in San Francisco October 22 - 24, 2019

This exclusive event will feature stories and case studies from the VANTIQ community as well as advanced training and strategic guidance for VANTIQ partners and customers.  Industry movers such as SoftBank and the French energy company Total will speak about the future of real-time business and how event-driven architecture is redefining smart city, smart building, and IoT initiatives.

San Francisco / Siegen, September 9, 2019: press release

VANTIQ and parcs IT-Consulting expand partnership

Digitalisation as a chance: real-time applications enable completely new business models

VANTIQ and parcs IT-Consulting have recently extended their existing partner and reseller contract to a master reseller contract for the DACH region. On September 16 and 17, 2019, the two companies will present VANTIQ at the Industry of Things World in Berlin.