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Business analysis

Understanding and structuring the processes, interdependencies, and principles of your business.

Our business analysts take a close look at the current situation of your company. On this basis, we recommend a suitable course of action and support you on the way to a sustainable solution.

Taking into consideration modern development methods, we make the most of our extensive experience in process and change management for you.

Software architecture

Modular design to meet functional and non-functional requirements

Among other things, our software architects bring a great deal of know-how in requirements engineering. We thus make sure that the needs of your non-IT business areas are taken into account when setting up the architecture.

Our experience in scalable, robust, and distributed software systems ensures that your applications also meet non-functional requirements.

Software development

Get optimal results by choosing the right technology

Technology trends come and go. The trick is to identify and master the right technologies for your given situation.

Our range of development technologies therefore includes established technologies as well as those required in the age of mobile, web, IoT, and real-time applications.

Talk to us if you need specific tech skills for your project!


Bridge the gap between software development and IT operations

DevOps ensures a smooth cooperation between software development and IT operations.

Our experienced consultants support you in introducing and implementing DevOps and show you ways to apply the DevOps approach in your company even beyond the boundaries of the original approach.

Agile methodology

Agile or waterfall? That depends on your environment.

Of course, the classic waterfall model has its justification in certain situations. However, companies are increasingly turning to Scrum, Kanban or SAFe (Scaled Agile). The great advantages of the agile approach are the ability to react faster to changing requirements and to identify and avoid unintended results early on.

Our consultants keep up-to-date methodically and support you in the approach that makes sense in your given situation.

Project management

We achieve your goals with committed project management

Our experienced project managers support you from the definition of the project goals and scope to the planning and execution of tasks, the monitoring of progress and the successful completion of your project.

The challenge lies in reconciling sometimes competing parameters such as scope, schedule, quality, budget, resources and risks. Equally important, of course, is the continuous and proactive involvement of all relevant stakeholders.