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Business Analysis

Analysing a company’s processes, structures and guiding principles

Business Analysis integrates various methods from IT-, process and change management consulting.  
As IT consultants and business analysts, we take a close look at your company’s current situation, recommend a course of action and support you on the way to sustainable solutions.

In accordance with best practice industry and IT standards, we support you in the following areas:

  • Planning and monitoring

  • Requirements engineering and analysis

  • Requirements management

  • IT concepts and specifications

  • Solution architecture and design

  • Evaluation and validation of proposed solutions

  • Make-or-buy decisions

You will benefit from our doing business analysis in an integrated manner, based on an in-depth understanding of state-of-the-artdevelopment methods.

Software Architecture

A modular approach to meet functional and non-functional requirements

Without a solid software architecture, IT projects risk getting into trouble sooner or later.
Although replacement cycles for software systems are getting shorter and shorter, a modular software architecture helps to ensure that interdependencies and responsibilities are clear in every development project right from the start.  

Our requirements engineering know-how helps to ensure that your software architecture is in line with the needs of your operating departments. Our experience in robust, scalable, and distributed software systems ensures that your applications also meet non-functional requirements.

Software Development

Finding the best solutions with the right technologies

Technological change is fast-paced in software development, and there’s a lot to keep track of. The art of software engineering lies in choosing the right technology for each of your software projects. 

Our range of development technologies does not only include established technologies (various programming languages, database management systems, application servers, BI systems, development and runtime environments), but also the cutting edge technologies required in the age of mobile, cloud, IoT and real-time application development. 

Do you need additional tech skills for your project or an external assessment of technology trends? Just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.


Integrating software development and operations

The transition from development to operations is not always smooth. By extending the agile principle to the entire lifecycle of software applications, DevOps streamlines and automates the processes between the development and operations teams. 

DevOps helps IT departments to become faster, more innovative and responsive:

  • From the outset, developers and operations staff are continuously involved inproduct development.

  • Communication and cooperation are improved through cultural change, new ways of working and newcollaboration tools.

  • Development, test and production environments are aligned to fully automate the stages of build, integration, test, and deployment.

Our qualified consultants support you in the design, introduction and implementation of DevOps in your projects and show you ways to apply the DevOps approach in your company, also beyond the limits of the original approach.

Business Intelligence

Unlock the potential of your data and gain new perspectives

Our experienced BI experts will dig deeply into your subject matter to identify relevant indicators from the mass of data and create meaningful reports that will help to turn your business into a data-driven enterprise. 

Using classic tools such as Cognos, MicroStrategy or Teradata, we develop individual BI solutions. Through data virtualization, we help to provide your users with crucial data, e. g. forspecialist ad hoc analyses.

IT Security
IT Governance

Minimise risks while maximising opportunities

The challenge of IT Governance lies in minimising IT risks and, at the same time, adding value through the management of opportunities.
Depending on your needs, our experts in the fields of data protection, ISO 27001 or ITIL will reliably handle all relevant IT Governance and Security issues so you can fully concentrate on your core business.  

With our know-how, we can support you in the following areas, for example:

  • EUGDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Architecture modeling and optimisation

  • IT Service Management

  • Harmonisation between business and IT

  • Cloud transition

  • Managing your entire IT landscape (Application Portfolio Management)

Agile real-time business

Out of the countless possibilities of real-time business, we will help you pick the one best suited for your company.

Using leading platforms, we quickly build individual low-code applications that enable you to respond to relevantbusiness events in real time.  

We support you in using data streaming – a disruptive new technology – to generate innovative business opportunities, from the recording of events and the recognition of situations upto targeted follow-up actions via your established collaboration channels.  

With our strong product partners, we drive the digitalisation of your company and provide you with competent support in areas such as dynamic customer service, human-machine collaboration, and scalable, high-availability applications that are distributed up to the edge for mission-critical solutions.

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Project Management

Multidimensional control of project success

Planning, organisation and implementation in time and in budget are the essential success factors in IT project management. 

In order to lead a project to success, all project aspects have to be monitored and managed at all times. You will remain effective by balancing opportunities and risks, effort, scope, project team, and change requests.

Our key areas are:

  • Project planning incl. task and schedule planning

  • Analysis of profitability or business case

  • Project organisation

  • Deadline monitoring and control

  • Cost planning and control

  • Scope management

  • Issue management (identification and tracking of open points)

  • Project risk management

  • Communication management

We also provide support in:

  • Requirements engineering

  • Change management (organizational change management)

  • Change control (technical change management)

  • Configuration management

We will help you to manage your project,be it as a project manager, sub-project manager or team leader, as well as withour specialist from the areas of scope management, change management, requirements engineering and controlling.