The application for the management of the fiber network expansion

More digitization for network expansion

Practical project management for the network expansion industry: Efficient data collection, data management and data reports for the construction order & infrastructure data in one solution

The app is based on you and your projects, not the other way around. Specific customizations are implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to low-code approach

Transparent and affordable licensing model
on an annual per-user basis

Uncomplicated availability:
FTTX/BAU is optimized for browser and tablet use

Industry strong:
FTTX/BAU is specifically designed for network construction companies and can be extended for network operators

See for yourself:

Numerous advantages with FTTX/BAU for fiber optic network expansion

Simple communication: Clients and other parties receive information about the current project status as needed

Transparent overviews: Maintain an overview of the status of the project at all times

Immediate data and document capture:
All project participants are directly involved

Practical integration:
Cable blowers and fitters can upload data and documents directly

Clear assignment of rights:
Individual read and write rights per project can be easily assigned and changed

Everything in one place:
All measurement logs and photos are stored directly in the right context

Fast project handling:
Central data management from main cable via NVT to house connections simplifies processes

"For the expansion of the fiber optic network, we use the convenient FTTX/BAU software solution from parcs, which was developed from practical experience. Our employees can view and document all process steps in the construction of the fiber optic networks from anywhere. This means that we have an overview of the status of our projects at all times and are optimally equipped to provide information to those involved. For us, this is a huge step forward in terms of digitization."

Ludger Steffens, Managing Director, STN Sogetrel Telecom Networks GmbH

Product features

Document and data management

  • Management of projects and their employees in different roles

  • Management of construction framework agreements and construction call-off orders incl. prices

  • Management of the network infrastructure with main cables, joints, ODCs (Optical Distribution cabinets), branch out cable associations, ODC equipment, house connections

  • Logical linking of network elements to each other and navigation via these links

  • Filing of documents and images at the respective network elements directly by responsible employees:
    - Filing of measurement protocols and images of the installed house connections by fitters
    - Filing of blow-in protocols by cable blowers
    - Filing of acceptance protocols by project employees

  • Simple assignment of house connections to ODC connection points incl. change function

  • Function for moving the position of branch out cable associations in ODCs

Project monitoring, overviews

  • Quick overview of processing status for projects and at ODC level with graphical display

  • Status monitoring of the call-off orders incl. documentation of the acceptances

  • Clear representation of the ODC assembly plan with color coding of the tube ends

Roles & Rights

  • Role-based access rights for management, project staff, cable blowers, fitters

  • Tailored input masks for each role

Import / Export

  • Import of ODC assembly diagrams

  • Export option for all data, role-dependent