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Agile real-time business
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Agile real-time business

Transform your business: go digital

Digitalization means transforming your business dynamically so your customers, employees, machinery and IT systems can interact in real time.  

With our powerful, event-driven IT platform, you do not only connect relevant business events, you also use these events to involve your customers and employees exactly when required or expected. Move forward from “too late” to “immediately”, and from “pulling” to “pushing” information.

A Vantiq application will provide elements such as notifications, feedback, tracking, assignments, recommendations and escalations, thus enabling you to set up an efficient human-machine collaboration. The demands on your business are constantly increasing, and an agile organisation enables you to respond quickly – not only in the development, but also in the delivery of real-time business applications.

Use Cases

Open up new opportunities

IT applications that were as yet difficult to implement are now possible with a significantly lower effort.
The modular development approach of Vantiq allows you to implement complex event processing and human-machine collaboration very efficiently.
Typical use cases for real-time applications include dynamic customer service, field service management, smart cities, work safety and object security, fleet management, supply chain management, environmental monitoring, smart factory, real-time marketing, and fraud prevention, to name but a few.

We will help you to identify how you can digitalise your business processes and open up new opportunities with the help Vantiq.


Find out more about the many possible fields of application for Vantiq – download our use-case specific flyers.

Platform for agile real-time applications

VANTIQ – The Platform of choice for digitalisation

The VANTIQ platform enables you to create, rollout and dynamically develop real-time applications in a very short span of time. 

With VANTIQ Modelo you can develop and modify real-time applications at an unprecedented pace. Partitioning allows you to split your application so that everything runs where it belongs - from the cloud tothe edge. VANTIQ automates deployment without downtime, even for incremental changes. Vantiq is not only a "low code", but also a "low DevOps"solution. 

If you want to turn your company as a whole into an event-driven enterprise, VANTIQ Pronto is the way to anchor events that are relevant across divisional boundaries in your organization and your infrastructure. With VANTIQ Pronto you can catalogue, process and distribute events so that all your applications can respond to them. Events are distributed via a so-called “dynamic event mesh” that can be arbitrarily scaled – with reduced latency, without single-point-of-failure or bottlenecks.

Our Offer

Parcs - Your gateway to agile real-time applications

With VANTIQ, we offer a powerful IT platform for the agile development real-time applications. As sales partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we provide consulting and development services around platform with all its possibilities and help you to get started quickly with digitalisation 2.0.  

As a reliable partner, we guide you along your way and do everything we can to ensure that your real-time business projects are successful and that your organizations masters digitization 2.0 in the long-run. Our service portfolio covers the entire spectrum from process analysis and design up to implementation and support.  

You’d like to learn more about the opportunities offered by VANTIQ Modelo, VANTIQ Pronto and the VANTIQ strategy? Get in touch, we’ll be right there for you.

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