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What´s Ninox?
Ninox statt Excel

What is Ninox?

Customized software solutions that enable lean business processes are the basis of any modern, digital company.

Ninox is a cloud-based database solution that radically simplifies data management for areas such as client management, order and project management, inventory management or enterprise resource management.

Ninox enables tailored applications with interfaces to countless services – and thanks to its low-code approach, it’s super-fast and straightforward.

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Ninox instead of Excel

Ninox works where standard solutions reach their limits.

When companies see oversized standard software or costly, risky in-house developments as their only options, they often rely on Excel as their central business application. Fortunately, the low-code platform Ninox is the elegant way out of this dilemma.

Ninox is the answer for companies that need individual software solutions with data management, tailored processes and access management. And all that at very reasonable costs and effort.

Parcs is Ninox premium partner

As a Ninox Premium Partner, we help you to digitize your processes. With Ninox, we can create a solution that fully meets to your specific requirements and that can be expanded easily.

Fast to implement,
easy to adjust

The digitization solution for all industries

Ninox is suitable for all business sectors. It works equally well for small and medium companies, crafts people, and large corporations as well as for institutions and the public sector, for example hospitals and universities.